Closet Chronicles: The New Cape…The Mask

Happy Monday! As we start week six of social distancing, we are beginning to understand timelines better of how the Social Distancing and back to life will begin across America. We now understand it will take several phases, beginning on May 1. What does this mean for all of us? Our work, our schools, our new “norm?” We don’t know that…but we do think that face masks are not only incredibly smart and part of our responsibility, but that they will become very socially accepted, in fact, perhaps even a fun way to show one’s style?

We have included several links of incredible masks for a cause, as well as our own how to, while you wait for your masks to arrive. Stay safe everyone!


For the ladies:

1 Reformation 5X Masks | 2 Inquire with your stylist for details | 3 Alice & Olivia StaceFace Protective Mask | 4 Good American Denim Face Mask |

For the gents:

5 Buck Mason Anti-Microbial Prevention Face Mask| 6 Birdie Reversible Mask


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