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Through the years of styling, I have heard many times from clients, I can’t wear that color.. it’s too warm for me. Or my hair color has changed through the years.. and now I’m not sure what colors REALLY do work well with my skin tone. It’s an ongoing struggle for us all to find the colors that work best for us INDIVIDUALLY, but it’s really as easy as doing 1 thing. Drum roll please.…..

Determine Your Undertone. 

While there are so many different shades of skin, there are only two undertones. Yes. TWO! If you turn your hand over, palm up, find your veins on the inside of your wrist. What color are the veins? If they look blue or purple, you’re COOL toned. If they look green or yellow(ish), you’re WARM toned. This is the most important step to understanding the Cool and Warm Colors that work well for you AND the easiest way to get a brief understanding of what colors you should navigate towards. However, I’m sure you have heard of other tests that are helpful as well. Such as:

The Jewelry Test. 

Does your skin look better (and brighter) when you hold silver close to your face? Then you are more on the COOL cycle. Does it look better when holding the gold? Then you are WARMER. Now it’s starting to make more sense, yes?

Eye and Hair Color.
Generally COOL tones have eyes that are blue, gray, or green and have blonde, brown, or black hair with more of an ashy undertones. While WARM tones usually have brown, hazel, or amber eyes with red, brown, strawberry blonde or black hair.  These undertones are generally more orange or gold undertones.

One thing we should note here.. is that these are GENERAL guidelines. It’s not 100% ACCURATE for all! For instance, you can see the above picture of a wrist (that’s mine) that has both blue and green veins. I fall into a more NEUTRAL coloring (one that can work within both the COOL AND THE WARM colors).

The best way is to be open to trying on colors and seeing what works best for you. Colors either enhance our coloring in our face.. or take the coloring away. Don’t be afraid to try new colors out!!


And of course, if you need a little more guidance, we’re happy to share our two cents in the wardrobe.. we’re not professional colorists, but we do know a thing or two about the color wheel!

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