Flashback or Fashion Forward

2010 puts the decision in your hands

Have you ever paid attention to a person’s uniform?  From gas station employees to astronauts in space, everyone is wearing one.  I guarantee the uniform being worn by any person you encounter will in some way influence your interaction with them, and vice-versa.

The uniform you wear tells people who you are.  If a guy is wearing a football uniform, you know he plays football, or a woman in a suit is more than likely some sort of executive.  And if they aren’t a football player or an executive, they have made you believe they were by what they were wearing.

So what is your uniform and what does it say about you?  With spring on the way, I am sure you are already thinking about dragging your spring/summer clothes out and swapping them with your winter garb.  I know that I totally have the itch, but before you do make sure you are clear on what your new spring 2010 uniform will be.

So what trends am I seeing?  Well, it’s a mixture of decades and lifestyles; royalty meets military, the Rat Pack hanging with James Dean.  But one thing is for sure, it’s back to class.  If you have held on to the right pieces from 1990, well, you’re also in luck.  We are already beginning to see items such as vintage leather bags and jackets, cargo pants, denim shirts, cuffed trousers and plaid galore.  My personal favorite in stores right now is the military inspired clothing.  However, my dear fashionistas, remember one important thing, when going with the military/royal inspired wears, don’t overdo it! Your look should feel military inspired, not military issued, and unless you want to look like Elton John, please leave the powder wigs and royal jewels at home!

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