Happy New Year

Wardrobe Therapy Resolutions for 2009

(well, at least for the long, winter months)

Purging: Did you know that 80 percent of the time, we wear only 20 percent of our clothes?  Why not start the New Year fresh and donate to the charity you support, clothes that are no longer hitting the runway.  (One of our favorites…Dress for Success.  Someone should be able to wear that great cashmere sweater that you received from Aunt Ida, right?)


Organization: Too much clutter can be both emotionally and physically draining for individuals.   Do you have a manageable mess—or a full-blown disaster zone? Wardrobe Therapy works with closets of all sizes and no pile of clothes are too big or too small!

(Shoes, Handbags, Accessories, Wraps, etc.)


Refresher: Does the economy have you down? Look in your own wardrobe to find things that haven’t hit the runway lately.  Wardrobe Therapy can put a fresh, new look in your wardrobe and help work with the clothing your received over the holidays! Or do a “fashion dig” at the many stores who are clearing inventory before spring arrives!


AND OF COURSE, the most VALUABLE (re)solution for 2009 is Wardrobe Therapy!  Let us begin the organizing euphoria you’ll need to last until springtime!


**Call before January 19th to receive an ”ultra-glam” discount! 


Yours Truly,

The Clutter Couple

(Elizabeth and Meredith)



**Please forward to your ORGANIZED- CHALLENGED friends! (OR those who just don’t have the time!)

Wardrobe Therapy

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