International Travel: Packing for Europe

European travel is all the buzz this summer! According to Travel Weekly, European travel will rise 55% this summer.

Packing for international trips can be time-consuming and stressful, but we are here to help! Click here to learn more about our packing and styling services! With the travel/summer season already full swing ahead, Ben and Candace recently packed for their clients’ for a his/her &  family European vacation! Both stylists felt it was important that their clients’ outfits mirrored European culture in their simplicity and versatility.

Here is an inside look at how Candace and Ben conquered this task.


“In order to make sure my client was prepared, we spent time going over the itinerary and prioritized the key pieces we wanted to take. This included versatile pants to go from differing climates and dresses that were adaptable. From there I layered in top options and minimal accessories.”

“For trips like this, it’s less about a collection of statement looks, but rather the simplicity of a core look that can be restyled time and time again. As stylists, this is exciting because it affirms our ethos of selecting pieces with intentionality, focus on shape, silhouette, and personal style.”

The clients have access to their outfits along with their itinerary right in their notes app on their phone!



“This is a client I have worked with for the last year so I knew how to reflect his personal style. The exciting challenge was how to pack minimally while also keeping in mind the varying climates they would experience during this trip. I did this by choosing classic pieces that could be layered or worn alone to create a capsule wardrobe. I also noted when pieces could be re-worn due to laundry access. I made sure to include lightweight shoes for excursions and exploration walking trips. Accessories are where I played a bit more, including my client’s favorite elevated accessories for dinners and nights out.”



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    Furthermore, your advice on considering cultural norms and dressing appropriately in European countries is crucial. Understanding the local customs and adapting one’s attire accordingly not only shows respect but also enhances the travel experience. Your suggestions for incorporating stylish yet functional pieces into the wardrobe are highly practical and add a touch of fashion to the packing process.

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