Menswear Monday: 4 Summer Getaway Looks

Last week we delivered 4 Getaway Looks for the ladies, and today it’s the guys’ turn! Whether you’re heading to the beach, the lake, the great outdoors, or the city we’re serving looks that will keep you in style without sacrificing comfort or versatility!

Beach Getaway


1 Linen Shirt | 2  Deck Short | 3 Straw Hat | 4 Sandals

For our guys heading to the beach, it’s all about pieces that are breathable and cool, with easy pieces to layer on or off. These deck shorts provide the ultimate versatility as they are a wear-all-day option! Think the updated board short, but with more flexibility and style 🙂 Cuff the sleeves of your linen shirt and wear unbuttoned 2 or 3 down for a breezy look. We love these hats from Esenshel, and the outfit is complete with a great Summer sandal.

Lake Getaway


1 T-shirt | 2 Shorts | 3 Swimtrunks | 4 Hat | 5 Boat Shoes 

We’re all ready to get a change of scenery, and appreciate any form that includes! For the lake, “throw on casual” is a necessity when packing and getting dressed each day! The laidback atmosphere calls for changing in and out of the swim trunks to shorts regularly and this outfit can be mixed and matched for comfort and style.

Outdoor Getaway


1 Button Down Shirt | 2 Graphic Tee | 3 Shorts | 4 Sandals | 5 Sunglasses

If you’re headed to the great outdoors, we love this breezy button down with its No-Stink Zinc technology that fights off odor causing bacteria. Style tip: wear it unbuttoned to show off a fun graphic tee, like this Smokey the Bear one. Pair with a sturdy pair of denim shorts and some comfy Birkenstocks for a playful weekend look that’s meant to explore.

City Getaway

1 Polo | 2 Shorts | 3 Backpack | 4 Sunglasses | 5 Sneakers

When you are venturing to the city, it’s all about comfort. You may be adventuring from one part of the city to the next, likely popping into a bistro for a bite, a museum and even doing some light shopping. With this in mind, we like the idea of an easy casual look. This short is a tech fabrication from Lululemon making it perfect for outdoor wandering, as it will absorb sweat. A classic polo by one of our brand favs for our gents, Robert Barakett. To finish off this look, a cool pair of sunglasses, a white athletic fashion sneak and a backpack for stowing your new finds.

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