I have to take a bit of a different tone today.  Instead of the weekly fashion updates or ideas, I was hoping to put those on hold…and say thank you.  A very big, SINCERE thank you to our fabulous clients, partners in the media, Boutiques, and family and friends.  No, I’m not getting sappy (although I am quite tired), I want to be SINCERE.

Yesterday as I was picking up clothing for a fashion show we are involved with this Sunday, I had the ultimate pleasure of working with one fabulous lady (yes, we have worked together before!).  She is a woman who I admire and appreciate her honesty and sincerity.  Everything I bring to her (or really ask of her), she always does so with a smile and that being said,  a SINCERE one.  Too often we get sidetracked with our own day-to-day activities and forget to say thank you, or show a smile, or take a moment to enjoy something … and REALLY MEAN IT.   SINCERITY.

I also received a call from a client (who is another amazing woman, might I add), who wanted to let me know some “truths”… more like earnestness.  She is a constant advocate and a woman who I think most highly of.  For her to show her sincerity to me, I pause, and say Thank-You, back.

SINCERITY.  Amazing how one little word can really make someone think and really react to.
As this Fall season is underway… I take a break, and pause, and say with a large smile, Thank you!

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