"Show your Independence"… in style

By Wardrobe Therapy | June 29, 2010
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The 4th of July is quickly approaching and you are probably wondering, “What am I going to wear?!”  Luckily, we are already planning our outfits and can help you too for the various holiday events that will keep you looking festive without looking like you tried too hard. Look #1: The Cookout Pair a cute […]


By Wardrobe Therapy | June 25, 2010
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“I wanted to thank you again for the “Wardrobe Therapy” experience. I told my husband that I think I am going to be on a high that will last a long while! Wardrobe Therapy made feel so good about myself and it was such a confidence boost! It truly was one of the greatest experiences […]

Swimsuits For All Shapes

By Wardrobe Therapy | June 2, 2010
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Last weekend kicked off the “official” swimsuit season!! And we couldn’t be any more excited about it… the fashions anyway… We all dread finding the perfect suit the will will hide or showcase our most talked about assets. A few tips to keep in mind when shopping: Boy Shape or Rectangle It’s all in the […]

Wardrobe Therapy on Fox 28

By Wardrobe Therapy | March 24, 2010
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Wardrobe Therapy was recently on Fox 28, Good Day Columbus speaking of Spring Sandal Trends for 2010! To view our Live segment: Wardrobe Therapy on Fox 28 WTTE Make Everyday a Runway!

Flashback or Fashion Forward

By Wardrobe Therapy | March 10, 2010
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2010 puts the decision in your hands Have you ever paid attention to a person’s uniform?  From gas station employees to astronauts in space, everyone is wearing one.  I guarantee the uniform being worn by any person you encounter will in some way influence your interaction with them, and vice-versa. The uniform you wear tells […]

Straight from the "Mo(u)th!"

By Wardrobe Therapy | December 8, 2009
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We enjoy learning of fabulous new wardrobe tips… we have our own that we love to remind everyone of… but this one was new to us… and of course, we had to share with you!  Thanks Carla! You’ve heard us tell you before.. MothAway is fabulous for keeping the pesty moths out of your wardrobe. […]


By Wardrobe Therapy | September 24, 2009
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I have to take a bit of a different tone today.  Instead of the weekly fashion updates or ideas, I was hoping to put those on hold…and say thank you.  A very big, SINCERE thank you to our fabulous clients, partners in the media, Boutiques, and family and friends.  No, I’m not getting sappy (although […]

Happy New Year

By Wardrobe Therapy | January 7, 2009
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Wardrobe Therapy Resolutions for 2009 (well, at least for the long, winter months) Purging: Did you know that 80 percent of the time, we wear only 20 percent of our clothes?  Why not start the New Year fresh and donate to the charity you support, clothes that are no longer hitting the runway.  (One of […]

Cyber Monday…Let's get it started

By Wardrobe Therapy | December 1, 2008
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On your mark, get set, click! “Cyber Monday” is officially here.  This is often the busiest day of the year for online retailers.   Last year $733 million was spent online on Cyber Monday.  We’re ready to get into the online shopping frenzy! Please see a list of our packages below.       We want […]