That Got Me Thinking: A thoughtful discussion with Ellie Newman

Recently a woman we love, Regan Walsh, introduced us to to Ellie Newman, host of a popular weekly radio show called “That Got Me Thinking“… download the insightful podcast here.

Elizabeth was able to share with Ellie the How and Why of Wardrobe Therapy.. and why, as stylists, we all do, what we do. Fashion makes us feel good.. and we know it makes you feel good too. We chatted about the fashion questions that shape us. We hope you enjoy this episode of “That Got Me Thinking”…we think it’s a podcast that you will want to get behind.

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Fall is coming!!!  Give us a call! Our team is ready to share our favorites with you!! To learn more about our Personal Shopping, Wardrobe Consulting, and Outfitting Services, visit us here:

Elizabeth Bean Smith

Elizabeth is the Founder & Co-Owner of Wardrobe Therapy. She founded the company in 2006 for individuals seeking help with their personal style and image.

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