TRENDING NOW: Men’s Fall ’24 Runway Recap

The Milan/Paris menswear Fall 2024 fashion shows wrapped up this past weekend, and we were here for it! The shows can be summed up by this inspiring quote from Giorgio Armani when asked about the theme of his recent show: “I don’t think men’s fashion needs to be changed every season… it must not be an upheaval; the secret is to do the usual in an unusual way.” That is exactly what stood out to us: classic pieces and concepts done in different ways to provide a sense of newness for men.
Over the weekend, we reviewed different shows and noticed similar themes across them. Here are three trends that stood out to us:


From softer, wide-leg/relaxed pants and jackets to trimmer silhouettes, there was a major emphasis on tailoring. Double-breasted blazers will have a big moment next Fall.


In the form of cashmere, corduroy, velvet, and leather.

Maxi topcoats

The Fall must-have item: a long coat with lengths to the knee and beyond. Think luxurious topcoats worn more casually and every day.
(Left to right) Zegna, Todd Snyder, Valentino, Gucci

We are always looking forward to Fall fashion, and these shows definitely delivered! We are in store for an exciting Fall ’24 season in menswear.

All images are sourced via Vogue Runway. Cover image via Vogue Runway, Gucci, Armiri, Zegna, Filippo Fior/, Isidore Montag/


Stay tuned- our Spring/Summer ’24 Trend Report is coming soon!

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