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Owning the right clothing foundation pieces is the key to maintaining a wardrobe that functions for you. Our team has updated our curated list of all the essential items needed for a foundation wardrobe, regardless of age, body type, or lifestyle. This concise but effective list will ensure your closet is relevant and ready for any dress code thrown your way!




For women

A versatile blazer and trouser are essential even if you aren’t in the corporate world.

Christine styles her blazer with a silk dress, topcoat, and booties.


Wovens, tees, shells, and denim are the backbone of every wardrobe. These elements bring unison to even the most extravagant statement pieces.

Christy styles her white woven under a denim vest and cream blazer paired with her go-to denim. 


A neutral heel and casual flat will take you anywhere you need to be in style.

Whitney styles her seasonal topcoat with a black knit and contemporary ballet flats.

For men

Dress shirts are critical for any men’s wardrobe. While traditionally seen under sportcoats, don’t be afraid to style them casually.

Ben styles his dress shirt under a utility jacket paired with a neck scarf for added detail.


More key pieces for men are a neutral pant and a basic knit. Remember, neutral doesn’t have to mean black or grey.

Ben keeps his neutrals light and tonal to compliment his brown dress sneakers.



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