TEAM INSIDER: Closet Tips to Kick Off 2024

The New Year is here! We love this season of working within our clients’ closets to “freshen” up their wardrobes and prepare their closets for Spring. One of our seasoned stylists, Whitney, has been instrumental in the process of transforming her client’s newly renovated closet! Since starting this process, she has shared tips and tricks for keeping your closet organized and fresh for the New Year!



Maximizing space

If it doesn’t fit, it’s got to go!

We know life is full of unexpected changes and transitions. Your closet should be a reflection of your current life and daily needs. If you’re sorting through numerous items that don’t fit, getting dressed in the morning probably feels very discouraging. It also gives the false illusion that you have a lot of “wearable” clothing. If you’re not ready to purge these pieces, take them out of your closet and move them to storage; that way, everything you see is being worn and ready to be styled!

Another way to maximize space and also get the most out of your current clothing is to hang as much as possible. We know this can be tough depending on your closet layout, but trust us, you will reach more for the hanging items than the ones folded. Here’s a great tip for hanging your knits!




Keep it easy! 

We recommend organizing by season > clothing type > sleeve length > color. For denim, keep all leg silhouettes together, for example, skinny, then straight, then wide leg. Keep all active wear together and all formal wear together. Don’t forget the shoe-turning method to give you maximum space!


Products for organizing

We love these honeycomb organizers for undies and socks. Another great organizational product is these acrylic dividers for folded clothing. Lastly, we can’t talk about closet organization without mentioning velvet hangers!



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