Women We Love August: Stephanie Fortener Quigley

And we are back with a new feature for our Women We Love series! As a female founded company, we love championing, celebrating and sharing the stories of women from our community who both inspire and empower to us to continue ahead. This month, we had the opportunity to sit down with Stephane Fortener Quigley. With her background in law, Stephanie serves as the Vice President of Crane Group. In addition to her work there, she serves on three different Columbus based boards. Today, we are diving into discussing the work she does in her various roles, motherhood + family and of course, fashion!

Q1: Knowing you is knowing that COMMUNITY and SERVICE  is a part of your life’s work. At the moment, you currently serve on the board for Columbus Humane, Columbus Zoo and Rev1. At what moment in your life did you know that you wanted to serve your community in this way?

A: There are several moments that have triggered my passion around community and service, but if I have to narrow it to one…I will give you two 🙂  First, I have spent my career working for Crane Group.  The importance of service and community are woven into our culture at Crane, and we place great value on supporting one another through our various non-profit roles outside of work.  I cannot overestimate the development we undergo and the learnings we bring back to work from our experience in the community.  The second moment was in 2015 when I heard Rachel Finney, CEO of Columbus Humane, speak as a part of the Leadership Columbus curriculum.  Rachel is one of the most inspiring and impactful human beings I know, and her words incited action in me.  I wanted to be a small part of the great work she and her team were doing at Columbus Humane.

Q2: Let’s continue the conversation on your non-profit work! Can you give a little insight on how you serve each of these organizations?

A: Absolutely!  At Columbus Humane and the Zoo, I am a part of the board executive committees.  I currently serve as the First Vice President of the Columbus Humane Board of Trustees, which means I chair our Governance Committee and work with the team to develop board candidates and leadership.   At the Zoo, I serve as Treasurer and work closely with the Chairperson Advisory Committee and our Finance Committee – and the lovely Katie Wolfe Lloyd!  Rev1 is a newer role for me.  I joined the board a little over a year ago, and I am a part of the Finance Committee. Rev1 does such incredible work to support entrepreneurs, innovation and diversity, and I am honored to be involved. There are always opportunities to volunteer, participate in events and fundraising, and learn something new.



Q3: While Columbus Humane Society, Columbus Zoo and Rev1 are all different in focus and mission, have you found a common theme in the work you do for each of these organizations or a common synergy that fuels you to continue on?

A: The common theme across these organizations is action.  I like that we can challenge the status quo and find creative ways to make the organizations more impactful.  All three recognize that partnerships are imperative to really moving the needle.  And, all three draw support from people across the community.  Because of these roles, I have formed great friendships with people I otherwise might not have gotten to know!

Q4. Without question, last year was a wild one and seemingly 2021 is continuing to be a challenge in its own unique way. What is one of the biggest life lessons you feel you have learned about in this season that feels ever changing?

A: The importance of resilience, adaptability and flexibility.  2020 made it very clear – in many ways – that an old playbook wouldn’t work.  I work with a variety of companies and organizations, and those that responded quickly and allowed themselves room to try new strategies thrived.  Maybe it takes a few tries and failures, but the message is that it is key to adapt, evolve, and create space to encourage different kinds of growth. I try to apply this to my own life, particularly when I’m challenged by my kids!


Q5: Stephanie, from career to the non-profits you champion and serve, to being a wife and mother of two littles, how do you balance and manage it all?

A: It is a team effort!  I am so grateful for the people who love my kids well and invest in making them better humans during the hours I am away.  I am working to be more focused in what I do.  Like many of us, I say “yes,”  a lot.  And while I love the things I do, it can be overwhelming at times.  I am better for my family when I indulge in a little bit of self-care – thank you Harbor Yoga!

Q6: And speaking of balance, can you share a little bit about what your day to day routine looks like! Do you rise early or are you a late night kind of gal?

A: I shifted from late night to early riser as soon as I became a mom (I have trouble staying up past 10)!  I try to catch up on emails and have a cup of coffee before the kids wake up.  My little ones are 3 and 4, and we have a couple of hours to play together every day before I head to work.  I know it won’t always be this way, but for now, it is a little oasis (unless they are driving each other – and subsequently, me –  nuts, which also happens…ha!).  My days consist of a variety of Zoom and in-person meetings, emails, calls, and bouncing around from my home office to Crane to my husband’s office.  I try to squeeze in yoga or a run most days, and spend most evenings at home with my family. 

Q7: You’ve been a Wardrobe Therapy client for a few years now! Can you share a little bit of insight on how you arrived at utilizing Wardrobe Therapy and how the service has empowered you personally?

A: Easy! I told this to Candace on day one, I loathe shopping.  I am totally overwhelmed by options and find it to be completely stressful, so my closet was a confusing disaster.  However, I love style and admire those who can pull it all together.  Candace has unburdened me from one of my least favorite tasks and has given me the gift of time!  She curates a wardrobe that is effortless, classic and makes sense.  Thank you, Candace 🙂

Q8: As you know, the Wardrobe Therapy experience is all the about process. Walking our clients through each phase to ensure maximum wardrobe success! But for the sake of fun, let me as ask you a hypothetical question, if you could only pick one Wardrobe Therapy service for the next 6 months…would it be the wardrobe consulting, personal shopping or the outfitting and why?

A: Definitely the outfitting!  Candace makes my wardrobe feel fresh by creating new looks from old pieces.  Outfitting makes my wardrobe more versatile, relevant and longer lasting. 

Q9: What is one piece in your wardrobe that you know you can reach for and instantly feel good?

A: A great coat.  Even over yoga clothes, I feel like I can go anywhere. 

Q10: While it is only August, the end of the year is already near! What are you most looking forward to as we close out 2021?

A: Travel with my family!  I can’t wait to start exploring again and experiencing the world through the eyes of my kids!

Thank you, Stephanie! And while we have your attention:

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Elizabeth Bean Smith

Elizabeth is the Founder & Co-Owner of Wardrobe Therapy. She founded the company in 2006 for individuals seeking help with their personal style and image.

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