Closet Refresh: 7 Steps To A Closet You Will Love


“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” Vincent Van Gogh

“Make it simple, but significant.”  Don Draper.

“Simplicity is the key note of all true elegance.” Coco Chanel

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New Year. New You. Goals.  Change.  Less Is More.  We all say it, think it or want it in the New Year…..a new and improved version of ourselves and our habits.  Getting organized is typically on the top of everyone’s list.  Closet organization is a simple and fast way to set yourself up for ease and efficiency this year.   I think we have all either read or at least explored the concept of engaging in the sensational de-clutter movement sweeping America.  As stylists, we set-up our clients to enjoy an effortless and simple approach to getting dressed everyday.

The key to that ease is to arm yourself with items that fit, are clean and ready to roll.  We do this on a regular basis and not to toot our own horn, but we have this exercise down to a science.  And we want to share that wisdom with you.

That’s right, we are emparting our Wardrobe Therapy closet organization wisdom onto you with  our 7 Steps To A Closet You Love.

It’s January in Columbus.  It’s cold.  It’s grey.  It’s quiet.  Take a few minutes for yourself.  Pour yourself a nice cup of tea, a lovely glass of wine and entertain the idea of simplifying your life.

Below are our 7 steps to closet enlightenment:

  1. Work In Sections.  By Category.  Closet space will determine your approach.  If you have a small closet, remove one category at a time from closet.  If you have a spacious closet, lucky you, you many remain in your closet for this exercise. Start with pants.  Move on to blouses.  Then blazers.  And so on, and so on, and so on.
  2. Try everything on.  This is essential for a meaningful edit.  This is the step we all want to skip.  Don’t.  You need to bite the bullet here and plug in.  Put some music on.  Invite a friend if need be.  And get. down. to. business.  Look in the mirror and ask the tough questions.  Don’t forget shoes and accessories.
  3. Keep. Donate. Seasonal.  Repair. Sell. Toss.  Establish piles by categories and get going with the inspection.  If something is out of season or doesn’t fit at the moment, store it in  another place or delegate a small, out of the way space inside closet to store these items.
  4. Review items for wear and tear.  If you see pilling, stains, snags, missing buttons, yellowed collars – these items need to be cleaned/repaired before going back into the closet.
  5. Return Edited Category to closet.  Take a moment to properly position item on the hanger,  organize the category by color:  Whites – Tans – Blues – Brights – Reds – Grays – Blacks.
  6. For Tops, Seperate Knits from Wovens.  I know this statement will be Greek to many of you.  “What the Hell is a knit versus woven and why does it matter??”  Believe it or not, this is a question I hear on a regular basis.  Allow me to explain.  Knits are your sweaters, sweatshirts, tee shirts.  Wovens are your button downs, silk blouses, flannel shirts, likely many of your date night shirts.  To properly store and care for your sweaters, store them folded.
  7. Maintain and enjoy.  You now have an edited, functional wardrobe that is ready for action.

If you are not up to this task on your own, our stylists are ready to assist.  We move you through this exercise quickly.  Let us help you start 2017 right!


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