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Last fall, two of our seasoned stylists, Candace and Ben, were promoted to Women’s and Men’s Style Directors! These new roles represent the expertise of working with hundreds of clients of all backgrounds and lifestyles. Candace and Ben are still styling clients in these new roles, but they have also taken on the responsibility of guiding the rest of our team through the ever-changing world of fashion!

Through their years at Wardrobe Therapy, these two have seen A LOT of clothing. For this week’s blog Candace and Ben are sharing an exclusive look into their spring fashion picks, everything from styling tips to personal and client purchases!


Candace’s spring picks for women:


Investing a bit more in that go-to tank that can really work for you from day to night. This one by Malene Birger is my current favorite, and I highly recommend it (I own it too).


Try adding a trend-focused/novelty bag to the lineup for a dose of freshness. With clothing styles changing at a slower pace than years before, adding a novelty handbag is a way to get that trend/relevancy punch!


Candace’s personal picks:


It’s been a minute since I revamped my denim, but recently, I have felt an itch to update, so I’ve leaned into that for the season. It instantly gave my wardrobe that fresh spark I was longing for. I’ve kept my eye on the barrell denim trend since it rolled out last year and decided to invest in a pair this spring. These beauties by Tibi are unreal. I love wearing them and plan to get a pair in black!


Styling tips for women:

Lose the belt or go BIGGER. I’ve really enjoyed changing the pace by opting for a cleaner, more simplistic denim look by foregoing the small to medium size belt. There’s something extra lovely and crispy about a perfectly balanced denim outfit that does not require a belt. However, if we are reaching for a belt, I am very much feeling inspired by a bigger and bolder punch that we discussed in our trend report! So no belt or GO BOLD for that stylistic impact.
This is not exactly a styling tip, but I feel that I have been having lots of recurring conversations with my ladies about really trimming the excess clothing in the wardrobe and getting zeroed in on the pieces that truly feel most representative of their personal style for now and years to come. As women, it is not uncommon to find those random pieces of clothing we’ve slipped in here and there. As the industry moves into embracing the notion of less frequent trend change, I am encouraging my clients to use an even higher level of thoughtfulness as they shop and as I shop for them. We can then achieve our ultimate goal of having a wardrobe that is focused, fun, and functional for them specifically.


Candace’s favorite spring client looks:


Ben’s spring picks for men:

For clients and myself, I have been loving interesting third pieces for spring layering. From patterned sportcoats to bomber and suede jackets, a light layer really helps give any spring look more visual interest.
Expect to see knit polos as dress shirt alternatives this spring and summer. My second closet essential for men is a great T-shirt. I am so pumped that Columbus now has a Buck Mason store. I love sharing their amazing T-shirts with clients. They are soft, simple, and great for stand-alone or layering.


Ben’s personal picks:

I recently purchased this Reiss jacket. It’s the perfect weight for spring layering! If you plan to revamp your wardrobe this season, I recommend starting with a versatile sneaker. I recently picked up this one from Magnanni. It’s a great mix of casual and elevated.


Styling tips for men:

I’ve been advising my male clients to try cuffing their chinos or jeans in casual situations, especially if they have a great shoe to show off. A simple turn-up of the pant leg adds a bit of style. I also recommend incorporating ties whenever possible. They’re not just for the corporate world anymore. They are a versatile piece that will add interest to any look. Visit our recent reel to learn more about mixing print with your ties!


Ben’s favorite spring client looks:




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Elizabeth Bean Smith

Elizabeth is the Founder & Co-Owner of Wardrobe Therapy. She founded the company in 2006 for individuals seeking help with their personal style and image.

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