Why Hire a Personal Stylist?

As a personal styling firm, we believe that when you look good, you feel good, and that zeitgeist has rung true since we started our business in 2007.

Why hire a personal stylist? Besides saving time and money, your stylist will keep you relevant. We know the saving money part is hard to believe, but we pose you this question: how many times have you bought something you thought you loved, but when it comes to incorporating this item into your closet, your mind goes blank? One of the main purposes of our services is to provide you with the knowledge and expertise that our stylists have gained from working in hundreds of closets with clients of all shapes, sizes, and budgets. We know what brands are worth purchasing, what silhouette will work best for you, and what mistakes to avoid. Gone are the days of endless online returns and impulse purchases when you work with a Wardrobe Therapy stylist.


Here is a little more information on all the styling services we offer.


Our tried and true three-part process:

Wardrobe Consultation/Style File: This is the initial consultation, during which your stylist will inquire about your lifestyle, personal style, daily needs, and any wardrobe goals and/or issues you currently face. We then take your measurements, discuss your silhouette, and examine your existing wardrobe for the season. Your stylist will assess these items and donate/consign anything we feel no longer serves you. If an item still works but needs an alteration, we can connect you with the right seamstress or do the adjusting ourselves.

Personal Shopping/Delivery: Your stylist will make a list of needs/wants while working through your wardrobe. We can then go shopping with you or for you. If you choose the stylist to do the shopping for you, we then deliver in the privacy of your home. During this appointment, we bring in new clothing to fill in the gaps in your closet. You are never required to keep a certain amount of clothing, and your stylist will always be honest about what works for you and what doesn’t.

Outfitting: The magic happens here! Your stylist will show you how to mix and match and MAXIMIZE your wardrobe! These looks are complete with shoes and accessories, photographed for you to reference anytime! These looks can be styled on your body or on a mannequin. You will then be sent a digital album filled with pictures of all your outfits for the season.



Virtual Styling:

The same tried and true process but made virtual! The only difference in this process is you will be sent digital boards featuring the clothing your stylist has hand-picked for you. This process relies more on the client to order and return your clothing.


Travel packing:

Imagine this: you come home from a long day at work to see your suitcase neatly packed with everything you need for your two-week European vacation. You look at your phone, and your stylist has already sent you pictures of every outfit you will need for the trip, including any necessary styling notes. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?!



Our retainer program is great for the gal or guy who simply doesn’t have the time to schedule time with their stylist. Through this program, you get a guaranteed number of hours with your stylist a month. This is completely customizable to your monthly needs.


Trunk shows:

When you work with a Wardrobe Therapy stylist, you will have exclusive access to Columbus trunk shows. We host two trunk shows a year with quality brands we love shopping with! In the past, we have hosted Vince, Jenni Kayne, Lafayette, and Alice + Olivia! This summer, we might even feature swimsuit brands!


Style and Wardrobe Presentations:

Fashion Parties:

Celebrate your girlfriends with drinks, food, and fashion! Our fashion parties are a hit with book clubs, running groups, or getting the neighborhood together. Bring an item from your closet that you struggle to style, and our team will show you how to wear it! Or enjoy learning about the seasonal fashion trends, or foundational pieces everyone needs in their wardrobe.



Corporate Styling:

An experience the whole team will enjoy! During our Corporate Styling presentations, we will teach your office the do’s and don’ts of office attire while also sharing our knowledge on unique body shapes and silhouettes. Our stylists will conduct individual consultations where we will take measurements and guide individuals in where to shop for their shape while staying office-appropriate. We have found this service boosts office morale and instills confidence, leading to more professional job performance!



Photoshoot styling: 

Whether you are taking a new headshot or an engagement photo, we can style you and be on set during your photoshoots for any needed support!

If you are a corporate company in need of photoshoot styling, we’ve got you covered.


Client happiness:

“Shopping by myself is usually a nightmare, with lots of back and forth and wasted time. I love how much time, money, and headache it saved me.” -Kessia
“I chose Wardrobe Therapy as a way to celebrate turning 60! I loved the process of thinning out my closet and then identifying clothing needs that work with my lifestyle (pretty casual, especially since I work from home). I liked having someone shop for me as that’s not my favorite thing to do. The photos of me in different outfit combinations (using existing and new clothing) were an unexpected surprise and VERY helpful. Christine is warm and personable and great to work with”. -AC
Candace picked a dress for a wedding I needed to attend, and she nailed it! I have never had so many compliments on a dress in my entire life. And most importantly, I was confident because all of the decisions were made already. No second-guessing the bag or shoe choice. You’re worth it, and in the end, you will save money because you aren’t overbuying.” -Amy
“I am so happy with this investment! I feel so much better every day when I get dressed than I had been. Whitney really listened to me and knocked it out of the park with her choices, sometimes playing it safe and other times pushing me a little out of my comfort zone, which was greatly appreciated!” -Kathryn
“While my initial “happiness” with WT was the styling itself, I have come to appreciate much more the fitting process. Specifically, I don’t realize that I am buying/trying on clothes that don’t fit me well. Christy’s eye for looking at hemlines or pants seams or how they fit around the crotch is something that I can never assess well. I find that my WT purchases always become “go to” items because they fit so well.” -Patty



*Photography credits, left to right (Starling Studio, Aseel Brodd Photography, Ce Moment Photography)




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Elizabeth Bean Smith

Elizabeth is the Founder & Co-Owner of Wardrobe Therapy. She founded the company in 2006 for individuals seeking help with their personal style and image.

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