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We enjoy learning of fabulous new wardrobe tips… we have our own that we love to remind everyone of… but this one was new to us… and of course, we had to share with you!  Thanks Carla!
You’ve heard us tell you before.. MothAway is fabulous for keeping the pesty moths out of your wardrobe.  And we are still recommending it.  However, a client passed along a very GREEN solution (which of course, always makes us tres happy!)
Citrus Peels.  Oranges, Limes, Lemons. Heat the oven to 300 degrees, then turn it off and let the peels sit inside the oven overnight on a cookie sheet.   She had them sprinkled loosely in her drawers.  And the fragrance was fresh and not overwhelming.  We suggest throwing them in a sachet.  What a better stocking stuffer for that woman or man (make it yourself, and put it into a beautiful sachet).  Of course, a Wardrobe Therapy giftcard and new pair of Jimmy Choos would be nice too!

Make this Holiday Season a Runway!

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